Newsletter November 13, 2017



 Dear St. Raphael School Families and Friends,

            November is here upon us and as we are all thinking about our family gatherings, travels plans, our turkey stuffing and pumpkin pie, we will also be making time to visit and pray for our loved ones. November is the month of remembrance and thanksgiving. As you all know, the month begins with All Saints’ Day celebrated annually on November 1st. The day is dedicated to the saints of the Church, all those who have gotten to heaven. November 2nd is All Souls’ Day, dedicated to those who have died and not yet reached heaven. Our Catholic faith teaches us to cherish the memory of our deceased. It urges us to connect in prayer, especially at Mass; with the souls of those we loved while they walked this Earth. We are reminded that life is changed, not ended. The prayers offered for our departed includes pleas for mercy for the soul of our loved ones and that the Lord grants our loved ones to rest in peace awaiting the resurrection. Saint Padre Pio said, “The holy souls are eager for the prayers of the faithful which can gain indulgences for them. Their intercession is powerful. Pray unceasingly. We must empty Purgatory!” Let us not forget that for us here in America, it is within November where both Veterans Day and Thanksgiving fall, days for reflecting upon family and our ancestors, and upon the settlement of our nation, but also reflecting upon God’s wisdom. When I think about this month, I hope we all can be kind, be thoughtful, be genuine, but most of all be THANKFUL!
           It’s hard to believe that the holidays are right around the corner. So many times we can get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the season that we really forget to take time to do the little things with our families. So, with the crazy weeks ahead of us, I encourage you to take some time and just “be” with your children. Time is something we can never get back, and something that is cherished by children more than we sometimes realize.
            On Friday, we start Parent/Teacher conferences. All students are dismissed at noon this Friday as well as next Monday and Tuesday. There is no school on Wednesday, Thanksgiving as well as on Friday, November 25. Enjoy the time with family. We all have a lot to be thankful for.
Please note that on Friday, December 2, we will not have school due to a teacher in-service day. Mark your calendars!

Important Dates:
November 1-15:
STAR Testing Window
November 15: Woody’s Day for Our School
November 17: Parent Teacher Conferences Noon Dismissal
November 20-21: Parent Teacher Conferences Noon Dismissal
November 22-24: No School for Thanksgiving
December 2-8: Scholastic Book Fair
December 8: Feast of the Immaculate Conception. School Mass at 10:00 am
December 11: Jeans for Jesus
December 14: Christmas program at 6:00 pm in the Church.
December 15: Noon Dismissal for Christmas Break.

In Mary’s Love,

Ms. Michelle Limb, Principal

As we enter into the season of Thanksgiving, please pray this prayer of gratitude.

Thank you, Father, for having created us and given us to each other in the human family. Thank you for being with us in all our joys and sorrows, for your comfort in our sadness, your companionship in our loneliness. Thank you for yesterday, today, tomorrow and for the whole of our lives. Thank you for friends, for health and for grace. May we live this and every day conscious of all that has been given to us.

 From The Catholic Prayer Book, compiled by Msgr. Michael Buckley.


St. Raphael, Pray for Us!


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