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The Consultative School Board at St. Raphael School brings the needed talent, expertise, and experience to address the school's issues.  The board is aware St. Raphael's strengths, challenges, opportunities and threats and builds a plan to work with them. Board members work collaboratively as a team, striving for the realization of a common vision, and to advance the school's mission. The board's areas of focus are: strategic planning; policy development; resource development; institutional advancement; advice and counsel with regard to financial planning, management and reporting; marketing of the school and evaluation of the board’s goals and activities.

Board membership includes the pastor, principal, current school parents (no more than one-third of the total membership), parishioners, members of the civic and local business community, and area educators. The Consultative School Board  is not a rubber stamp board, but one that raises questions and assists with determining the best choice, recommendations and or best options. It provides recommendations to the Pastor and Principal who, under Canon Law and Archdiocesan guidelines, make the final decisions. Consultative School Board members are appointed with approval of the pastor and principal and typically serve a three year term.

Board Administrative Team

  • Pastor – Msgr. Jon Marjarucon
  • Principal – Michelle Limb

Board membership:

NameCommittee Chairs
Lynetter NaourChair
Mario CoronadoVice Chair
Mario CoronadoCommittee Chair - Plans and Policy
Mike MolonyCommittee Chair - Technology
Tad VaresioCommittee Chair - Finance
Daniela DaoudCommittee Chair - Marketing/ Communication
Karen ChristmanCommittee Chair - Ground and Facilities
Lynette NaourCommittee Chair - Parish Outreach
Nancy O'SullivanMember - Outreach Villanova High School

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