A Profile of a St. Raphael Graduate:

After graduating, St. Raphael students will be…

Successful students who are
•respectful for life and all of God’s creations •independent problem solvers •motivated by their curiosity

Technologically competent individuals receiving
•able to access information using various forms of technology in an ethical manner •opportunities for creative expression

Rigorous curriculum preparing us to be
•focused on lessons using California State Standards and Archdiocesan Standards •lessons that are rich in diversity

Academic achievers,
•confident learners •disciplined and focused •intrinsically motivated

People of faith and
•live as Jesus lived •hold to Catholic values •respect for others

Helpers in our community. We are
•service-orientated •participate in community outreach

Aware individuals that
•demonstrate Christian behavior •appreciate each other’s unique gifts

Excel as
•spiritually •academically •emotionally •physically

•our Church’s future  •our nation’s future