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 Dear St. Raphael School Families and Friends, 
             Last week was a busy one for our students.  It started on Tuesday when our 3rd graders headed to UCSB for their swim lessons.  On Wednesday, a little after 9:15 am, the entire 5th grade was loading up the Wilderness Youth Project vans, our 4th graders were returning from their Walking Classroom excursion where they were learning about the cardiovascular system via a podcast.  The 2nd graders spent the morning on retreat preparing for their First Holy Communion.  The 5th graders were off to the Santa Inez River and it was the first time for the whole class to be together, so I decided to join them.  The excitement and joy on all their faces was electrifying as they piled out of the vans.  Mrs. Gosney and I were amazed at how the students venture off with their guides, wading in the water, ice-skating in the mud, skipping rocks, sliding down hills, and enjoying the beautiful community in which we live.  Students readily lent a helping hand to their classmates and congratulated each other on their adventure.  When I was returning to campus, I was beaming with pride as I saw our students living the mission of the school by learning in mind, body, and spirit.  Back on campus, we were all greeted by the ARF program where some of our 3rd graders were getting ready to read to the dogs and our 8th graders returned from playing carnival games with the elderly at Heritage House.  On Thursday, our 6th graders performed their Greek Mythology Live Museum Play.  The highlight of the week was the all school Mass, where we baptized a student , welcoming her into our Catholic family!  Wow…we have a very special school!
           Our Jog-a-Thon is just three weeks away!  The kids will be running, running, running for our school.  This is the last of our three fundraisers for the year.   Please remember that these three fundraisers help pay for all of the “extras” at our amazing school. Some of the “extras” are Wilderness Youth Project, ARF, the garden program, physical education, library, and much more.  Please support our goal of having each child raise $150.  Asking neighbors, friends and family for a $5 to $10 donation can add up quickly!  Let’s see if we can beat our goal of $31,000 this year!
            It’s hard to believe that we are in the end of April and the next seven weeks are going to fly by as our calendar is jam packed with learning excursions, activities and celebrations.  Please help us all by keeping your children focused, organized, and prepared to learn every day.

Important Dates: 
April 23: Jeans for Jesus
April 25: Talent Show at 10:30
May 5: First Holy Communion
May 10: May Crowning and School Mass at 10:00
May 11: Jog-a-Thon
May 15: Pep Rally at 1:15

In Mary’s Love,

Ms. Michelle Limb, Principal 

A Prayer for Our School
God, our Father and Creator, be with us in our school. Help us to treasure your gift of life and treat one another with care.  Let us always remember that we are all created in your image.  Come, Lord Jesus, and be with us in our school.  Guide our teachers, guide our parents, and lead our students to recognize you in all people.  Come, Holy Spirit, and be with us in our school.  Give us a vision for the future, and the determination for shaping a faith-filled future.Amen.

St. Raphael, Pray for Us!


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