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Altar Serving

Both boys and girls in grades four through eight are invited to serve our parish and school as Altar Servers for school Mass and Funeral Servers. Altar Servers attend a series of four training sessions and Funeral Servers attend the four training sessions, plus one additional session. Interested students must be Catholic and attend training sessions provided by the parish. Please contact Noël Fuentes, Pastoral Associate in the parish office at (805) 683-9090 x7.


Our after-school athletics program is available to girls and boys in grades 4-8. Our program is part of the Christian Athletic League.  We offer basketball, soccer and volleyball, as well as flag football and track in our after-school sports program. Please contact the school office for further questions at 805-967-2115 or by email at


The St. Raphael School Band includes students in grades 3-8.  Band meets each Tuesday morning and performs at our Christmas Program and Spring Play/Concert. For more information, please contact the school office at 805-967-2115 or by email at

Boy Scouts

St. Raphael School has a parish Cub Scout troop and Boy Scout troop. The Scouts particiipate in many activities in our local community.  For more information contact the school office at 805-967-2115 or by email at

Girl Scouts

At St. Raphael School, there are many Girl Scout troops at different levels. Currently there are troops in grades 1-6.  For more information contact the school office at 805-967-2115 or by email at


St. Raphael School has a music program for boys and girls in grades KK-6. Music classes are weekly with a focus on voice. The music program engages the children through instruments, voice, reading music, dance and movement. The children perform for the Christmas Program, Open House, the Spring Sing, school masses, and daily patriotic songs for salutes.

Middle School Electives

Students in our Junior High (grades seven and eight) participate in an elective program. Each elective opportunity is a semester long and students are able to choose which area of interest suits them best.

The choices for electives are:

  • T.A.P. (Teacher Assistant Program), students who choose T.A.P. assist a teacher in Preschool thru 6th and perform duties set by the teacher.
  • Outreach – students visit the elderly at a nursing home on a weekly basis, establish a rapport, and participate in activities with the elderly.
  • Yearbook – students choose pictures and captions, they learn cropping and layout techniques, and are the creators of the yearbook with direction from their instructor.
  • Art – Our art elective class provides students with in-depth lessons on the techniques and styles of several masters, such as impressionism, pointillism, and abstract art. Through the use of various materials and tools, the students are able to develop their own style as they create their work.
  • Technology – Graphics design using Adobe Design Suite (Photo Shop for photography, Flash for animation). Web design using Dreamweaver, and I-Life (I-photo, I-movie and Garage Band).
  •  Drama – Drama students put on a musical production. Students are involved as actors, stage crew, set design, lighting and sound. For more information contact the school office at 805-967-2115 or by email at

School Families

In the continued tradition of Catholic Schools, all of our students in grades KK-8 participate in a program called "School Families." The 7th and 8th grade students serve as heads of the family and the remaining members of the family are made of one child from each of the other grades.  School Families meet once a month to do an activity to build community, leadership, compassion and spirituality together.

Student Council

Students in grades 5-8 represent our Student Council.  These students are voted in by the student body.  Student Council leads many activities on campus including daily salutes, prayer, song, and numerous fundraising opportunities to support local charities. For more information, contact Ms. Barbara Malvinni, our Student Council Moderator, at 805-967-2115 or by email at

After School Activities

Hip Hop Kidz

Students will learn contemporary and "Old Skool" hip hop dance moves through warm-ups and a choreographed routine, plus "freestyle" time to age- appropriate hip hop, dance and pop music. Music and moves are "clean." This is a high energy, fun-filled class your child is sure to love! SB Hip Hop Kidz director, Jamie Green, is a former professional dancer from Los Angeles and was the choreographer of the young Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen "You're Invited To..." video series as well as the talent scout for the Hip Hop Kidz home DVD, "It's a Beautiful Thing." Final class day is a performance day, with professional videographer. Tuition includes a Hip Hop Kidz T-shirt and a professionally edited video of performance.

Kidz Art (Art Innovators)

KidzArt is for Grades 1-5. Learn principles like color, texture, line, shape, perspective, and shading as tools to produce your own original and creative master pieces! Artist quality media include: clay, paints, illustration markers, pastels, charcoal, pens, and pencils on a variety of exotic papers, fabric, metal, and canvas. Curriculum meets or exceeds the National Standards for Art Education. For more information call 805-964-6435 or check the website at

After School Sports Program/Class

After-School sports and soccer fun – skills and multisport program is taught by Scott Holt and Premier Coaching. Class is held on Wednesday from 2:50 – 3:50 for Grades K-4. Learn More about Coach Holt and his programs at

Voice Lessons

Brittany Batastini is a certified vocal instructor who has studied with Seth Riggs – famed vocal instructor of Stevie Wonder, Natalie Cole and Josh Groban – for 10 years. Lessons are on Mondays and Wednesdays by appointment. Call 805-895-4565 or email at to set up a lesson.

Piano Lessons

Natalia Weed is a skilled piano instructor, trained in Russia with over 20 years' experience. Emphasis is on sight reading, music theory, ear training, basic improvisation techniques. She uses a variety of music styles including classical, popular, easy jazz, standards, and themes from movies. Ms. Weed can be reached at 245-1946 or by email at

Academic Chess

"Chess is not just a game, it is a mental exercise!"

  • Develop critical thinking and problem solving skills
  • Have better concentration and mental discipline
  • Learn to strategize, analyze, and evaluate
  • Learn to recognize patterns and develop tactics
  • Improve their memorization skills
  • Improve their communication skills
  • Gain confidence
  • Have fun

For more information, contact Academic Chess at 805-450-0097 or by email at or visit them online at

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